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Pete's Feature Craig's Feature

Episode 1: Russell's Reserve vs. Woodinville Straight

Episode 2: Old Forester 1910 vs. Burning Chair

Links to new Episodes coming soon!

Episode 2.5: Angel's Envy vs. Rabbit Hole

Episode 3: Freeland Spirits & Craft Ice

  • A match made in Heaven

Episode 4: Booker's Country Ham

Episode 5: The 3 Shatner's

- Special episode w/ Scotch

& A 90th Birthday Tribute!

Episode 6: Baker's 107


Recipe 1: Screwball Hot Toddy

Recipe 2: Whiskey Sour

Recipe 3: Old Fashioned

Recipe 4: Screwball Old Fashioned

Recipe 5: BSB - Brown Sugar Bourbon Old Fashioned

Recipe 6: Whiskey Mule

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